Teak Low Back Marlborough Bench

Lutyens BenchLutyens bench remains a very popular choice among British home owners who are after a timeless elegance with a touch of modern sophistication despite the fact that it was designed over 100 years ago. One of the greatest British architects, Sir Edwin Lutyens created a bench which was a perfect blend of timeless beauty and the needs of his time, however, the times and taste for aesthetic appeal have changed dramatically over the last 100 years. The same design which offered a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles in the Lutyens's era therefore does not necessarily meet the taste for style and beauty of a 21st century home owner. In addition, the hectic lifestyle has forced most home owners to pay more attention to convenience than they did in the past. The 21st century home owner is not only looking for an aesthetically appealing and comfortable garden bench but a bench which requires minimal amount of care to keep it beautiful.

Many people who prefer contemporary garden furniture view the traditional Lutyens bench as "too traditional". There is, however, one version of the Lutyens design which meets the needs of the 21st century while retaining the core of the original Lutyens bench – teak low back Marlborough bench. Unlike the traditional Lutyens bench, teak low back Marlborough bench does not come with the elaborately curved backrest but a low, straight cut one. It is nearly in the same level as the rounded armrests which retain the original look and give the bench a touch of the iconic Lutyens design. But it is not only the look which is really a stunning blend of contemporary style and Lutyens's design that makes this bench an ideal addition to the 21st century garden.

In contrary to the traditional Lutyens bench which was made from English oak, teak low back Marlborough bench is made from teak wood. This tropical hardwood, however, is not only valued for its unique aesthetic appeal and rarity but also for its ability to withstand exposure to the outdoor elements virtually unaffected. Unlike most other types of wood which need to be protected against the weather elements and termites with various coatings and varnishes, teak does not need any protective treatments. It is protected from the effects of the weather and wood-eating insects by its own natural oils which make it literally outdoor-proof. Teak furniture can be left outdoors all year round regardless of the weather conditions as it is resistant to just about all weather elements including intense ultraviolet light, rain, snow and rapid temperature changes. And this outstanding properties of teak give this Marlborough bench an additional advantage over the traditional Lutyens bench – convenience as it requires no care to keep it in top shape other than occasional dusting and cleaning with soapy water. Teak low back Marlborough bench is truly designed to meet the needs of modern times in every aspect.