Teak Lutyens Bench – Basic Information

Lutyens BenchLutyens bench is an iconic garden bench which was designed by architect Sir Edwin Lutyens at the end of the 19th century. Although he is best known for his architectural masterpieces and Queen's Mary Dolls' House, garden enthusiasts are well familiar with his bench which remains one of the most popular choices in Britain. Lutyens bench is instantly recognizable by its rounded armrests and intricately curved backrest giving it both a touch of freshness and appeal of the traditional furniture. Despite the fact that Lutyens bench became popular for its unique blend of the traditional style and the needs of late 19th century, its popularity reveals that it meets the needs of modern times as well although most people decide for teak rather than English oak from which Lutyens benches were originally made.

Teak Lutyens bench offers all the comfort and beauty of the traditional Lutyens bench but it offers an incomparably higher level of convenience. Unlike English oak and most other types of wood, teak is not vulnerable to the effects of the weather, termites and time thanks to its natural oils which protect it from rain, intense ultraviolet light, temperature changes and other unfavourable weather elements. At the same time, teak's natural oils provide it with protection against the termites because they act as an insect repellent. As a result, Lutyens bench which is made from teak requires virtually no care to keep it beautiful. And despite the fact that it is exposed to extreme conditions, it can last a lifetime.

The above mentioned qualities of teak made it the most sought after material for all types of outdoor furniture. However, it is highly important to be aware that there are three teak grades or quality categories and that the difference in quality of the timber between different grades is enormous. From all three grades – A, B and C, only furniture which is made from grade A teak offers everything teak is famous for. Unfortunately, teak A accounts for only up to 25% of the log of a mature tree which also plays an important role in its cost. Grade B and C teak furniture is considerably less expensive but it is also less durable and cannot withstand the outdoor elements without protective treatments. For example, furniture which made from grade C teak lasts only one season if handled like the highest quality teak.

In the end it is important to mention that Lutyens benches have not been adjusted to the needs of the 21st century only by replacement of English oak by teak. If the original Lutyens design is "too traditional" for your taste, you should perhaps consider low back Marlborough bench which follows the architect's design but features a modification which gives it a touch of the 21st century. This bench retains the elegant rounded armrests but it does not have the intricately curved backrest. Instead, the backrest is cut straight where the carved curves should begin giving it a modern yet highly elegant look.