Teak Lutyens Bench – Quality That Lasts

Lutyens BenchLutyens bench still impresses with its design which is a unique blend of traditional and modern styles despite the fact that it was created in the late 19th century. Its creator, Sir Edwin Lutyens wanted to design a traditional garden bench which meets the needs of his time but he did more than that as his design continues to meet the needs of the time despite the fact that it is more than one century old.

The traditional Lutyens bench was made from English oak which, however, cannot withstand the harsh outdoor elements as good as teak. Unlike oak and most other types of wood which need protection from the effects of the weather and termites, teak requires no protection whatsoever. This tropical hardwood is naturally resistant to unfavourable weather conditions including rain, direct sunlight exposure, temperature changes, snow, humidity, etc. as well as wood-eating insects. This outstanding properties and unique aesthetic appeal make teak an ideal material for all types of outdoor furniture including Lutyens benches.

Teak Lutyens bench virtually requires no care other than occasional cleaning with soapy water to remove the dust and dirt. Due to the fact that teak wood is protected from the effects of the weather and termites by its own natural oils, it never needs to be varnished or painted to keep it look beautiful and extend its durability. Its highly appealing golden brown colour eventually changes into silvery grey as a result of the weathering effect (in the first place exposure to ultraviolet light) but this has no effect on quality of the wood nor its durability. In addition, the aged teak look is according to most teak garden furniture owners even more appealing.

Some people prefer the original teak colour which is either preserved with teak sealer or teak oil. Treatment of teak with either of the two products, however, can affect its durability especially teak oil. Quality teak furniture is protected by its own natural oils and if you treat it with synthetic oil (teak oil in reality is not teak oil in the true meaning of the word), you will destroy its natural oils. This is due to the fact that the synthetic oil penetrates the wood and replaces the oils which are naturally found in teak. These oils, however, escape the wood and make the furniture dependent on periodic oiling to be able to withstand the outdoor conditions. In other words, you need to continue with oiling once you start if you want your teak furniture to withstand the test of time and weather. Teak sealer usually does not affect the teak's natural oil content and does not require a continuous treatment. If you discontinue treating the bench with the sealer, teak will simply begin to "age" although it is also true that there are several types of teak sealers some of which can affect the quality of wood as well.

Teak offers quality that lasts if you leave it in its natural state. For that reason you are recommended against treating your teak Lutyens bench with any products. If you would like to preserve its original colour, please contact the manufacturer for advice in order to avoid affecting the quality and durability of your bench.